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Lyrics: Look at Me Now, What You Got, Butterfly, Perfect World, Flesh and Blood, Feel, The Phoenix.

Look at Me Now
He can't avoid conflict  He's lost cuz he's incomplete  He's in between, somewhere in betw...
What You Got
You better buck, buck, buckle up, prepare for this impact  Car crash whiplash, bam, snap your n...
Flesh and Blood
You used to be someone I could trust  But all of that didn't last to long  I don't know wh...
I've grown tired of this emptiness  So deeper and deeper I dig into the dark  Searching fo...
Perfect World
Your money isn't power so forget the green  Its just feeding the fuel  What makes the worl...
The Phoenix
The phoenix, no longer a myth  So strike a match and watch it burn  Our destination's rigo...
Everyday people are preyed upon  Some fight, some fold, others play along  But now it's no...
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