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Bow Wow
Lyrics: Dont Know Bout That, Outta My System, How You Move It, Shortie Like Mine, Price Of Fame, Let Me Hold You (feat. Omarion), Like You (feat. Ciara).

Shortie Like Mine
[LBW:] Ya'll Know What This Is    [Chorus:]  Only Thing That Keeps Me Up When I'm Fee...
Outta My System
(feat. T-Pain & Johnta Austin)    [T-Pain:]  (Oh)    [Bow Wow: Speaking] &n...
Price Of Fame
(feat. Young Jinsu)    5th album I'm still fresh new money big checks I'm the prince of di...
Let Me Hold You (feat. Omarion)
Let Me Hold You  (feat. Omarion)    [JD Talk]  [Bow Wow]  This What You nee...
Dont Know Bout That
(feat. Young Capone & Cocaine J)    [Talking:]  I'm Sayin, Ehat You Sayin Homie  ...
Like You (feat. Ciara)
[Hook - ciara]  I ain't neva had nobody show me all the things that you done showed me  An...
How You Move It
I mean I mean  Yall know what that is right?  I mean I mean  Yall know what that is r...
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