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Vitamin C
Lyrics: Sex Has Come Between Us, Dangerous Girl, Real Life, Money, Smile, Unhappy Anniversary, Graduation (Friends for Ever).

Graduation (Friends for Ever)
And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives  Where we're gonna be when we turn 25 &n...
Unhappy Anniversary
You ask me, how am I?  Well I'm still standing, aren't I?  That's something, that's one th...
Dangerous Girl
How can I say goodbye?  When you saw underneath my skin?  Please be mine, all the time &nb...
Chorus:  Money makes the world go round  The world go round, the world go round  Mone...
Alright...  Alright...  First of all    When you wake up in the evening and the ...
Sex Has Come Between Us
Ah, ah, ah    Sex has come between us  (come between us, come between us)  Sex h...
Real Life
Certain, genuine, almost positive  Right definite, sincere  Broke vitality, truth humanity...
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