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Album Ghost Reveries - 2005.

Beneath the mire
Haunted nights for haleyon days  Can't sleep to the scraping of his voice  Nature's way st...
The baying of the hounds
I hear the baying of the hounds  In the distance, I hear them devouring  Pest ridden jacka...
Ghost of perdition
Ghost of Mother  Lingering death  Ghost on Mother's bed  Black strands on the pillow ...
Cleared the fog that was veiled around me  And blurred my sights  Suddenly, I'm no longer ...
Reverie/harlequin forest
Into the trees  Past meadow grounds  And further away from my home  Baying behind me ...
Hours of wealth
Found a way to rid myself clean of pain  And the fever that's been haunting me  Has gone a...
Isolation years
There's a sense of longing in me  As I read Rosemary's letter  Her writing's honest  ...
The grand conjuration
Majesty  Faithful me  Pour yourself  Into me    Wield your power  Mart...

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