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Lyrics: Incantation, The Gates Of Istambul, Caravanserai, Kecharitomene, The English Layde And The Knight, Sacred Shabbat, Penelope' S Song, Beneth The Phrigian Sky, Never Ending Road.

The English Layde And The Knight
It was an English ladye bright,  (The sun shines fair on Carlisle wall,)  And she would ma...
Never Ending Road
The road now leads onward  As far as can be  Winding lanes  And hedgerows in threes &...
[Instrumental]  [Instrumental]  [Instrumental]  [Instrumental]  [Instrumental] &...
This glancing life is like a morning star  A setting sun, or rolling waves at sea  A gentl...
Beneth The Phrigian Sky
The moonlight it was dancing  On the waves, out on the sea  The stars of heaven hovered &n...
Penelope' S Song
Now that the time has come  Soon gone is the day  There upon some distant shore  You'...
[Instrumental]  [Instrumental]  [Instrumental]  [Instrumental]    ......
Sacred Shabbat
[Instrumental]  [Instrumental]  [Instrumental]  [Instrumental]......
The Gates Of Istambul
See there, past that far-off hill  A tower held in the sky  Hear there, in that dark blue ...
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