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Dark glasses...*

Naked walls, in a cold dark place
Tears oh, old tears
Someone made me drop in my face
All seems like being breathing pain from the air
Strange shadows faking to be light
Iím feeling so desperate
(And so alone this night)

Cloistered doors
Mirrors that donít reflect anymore
So far from me,
What does my life stand for?
Suddenly I realize
My hands write only heartís killer songs
In what have I become?
(In the body of the trackís soul of my past floor, ohÖ)
OhÖ oh, oh

Yeah, I know Iím better alone, without your lies
But try to get you off me itís just a waste of time
And I, and I, and I, and I,
And IÖ, and I
I still need to keep thoughts apart
(oh, I need you tonight)

I had let too many things pass me by
But since today I wonít, Ďcuz Iím fed up
To feel this empty likeÖ

These naked walls
In this cold, dark place
And tears oh, new tears
You make me drop in my faceÖ

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