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A Faith Called Chaos
Lyrics: Witless And White Knuckled, We Woke Up A Fire, The Tenessee Promise Still Loves The Texas Lie, Ten Thousand Times Tongue And Cheek, Pugilist, I Hate This City, Forgive Nothing, Circa '98, Boxing With Bayonets.

I Hate This City
We built this town  Bitter lips like cigarettes  Given all sheís got to give  Iím fee...
Circa '98
She kept me inside  Long enough to hear her teeth click shut,  Youíre charming in a washed...
Forgive Nothing
Somewhere there is a spouse  Sitting on the window pane  She sings, ďsalt and sea bring hi...
Boxing With Bayonets
The space around our carved hearts  Is littered with, evidence  Evidence of time well spen...
Ten Thousand Times Tongue And Cheek
Rejoice mothers youíre the mothers of martyrs  Weíre proud to report your sons kiss just like y...
We Woke Up A Fire
We awake and face a new day for nothing.  As bitter as the rope around our necks we hang.  ...
I drink your arms like wine  Not mine cause Iím not looking  You judge life by pills on yo...
The Tenessee Promise Still Loves The Texas Lie
The Tennessee promise still loves the Texas lie,  The light was green, 9:50 like your eyes. &nb...
Witless And White Knuckled
Itís when Iím not looking  That I must fleet these blows  Like one arms afire,  But t...
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