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A Cutthroat Kiss
Lyrics: The Way We Used To, Scream Silence Now, Dear Friends, Cutthroat, Cut An X, Breathe.

The Way We Used To
And I looked  I looked up at the stars  and found the brightest pair  the ones I coul...
Cut An X
I'll cut an X over my heart  Blood drips from the corners of the room.  As these walls scr...
Dont say goodbye  is what I begged that night  And every tear you cry is what makes me die...
Scream Silence Now
It's far past the nightfall  and we're still awake  you whispered to me a sweet serenade &...
Dear Friends
Like kings and queens we dance!  To keep this night alive.  Honestly we're just too honest...
Take your eyes and see me now  Before I take what you took of me  Lay my head on bloodless...
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